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Through most of my life, people questioned me about being a furry, and my interest and participation in said subculture, but I have always had a tough time explaining.

Then here I find this video while poking around Youtube:

Not only is it interesting, it was also very informative, and really answered those questions I couldn't when people asked.

I say it's a good watch, and did answer a few things that I wanted to know myself. ^_^

Then again, there are probably hundreds of different explanations out there, but for me, this one's pretty straight forward without being too technical.
Earlier tonight while I was one of my favorite Youtubers, I caught these two videos that were very interesting. They both covered our favorite blue hedgehog, and the very common topic of "how to fix him". They are as followed:

I watched these two videos, start to finish, and they both give very good ideas for Sonic and his franchise as a whole. In my personal opinion though, While the first video did give a very interesting take on Sonic, I personally thought that the second set of ideas were particularly better.

Now, I wouldn't want to waste my time explaining what these videos were about, so I'll leave it to anyone who manages to see this journal.

I do recommend these videos. They are really good, and worth watching. Good food for thought, while waiting for the new Sonic titles. :)
Finally managed to finish the rewrite for Chapter 2 of Royal Pain.

Here it is, ready to be read: Conker's Royal Pain 2

Now, Chapter 1 didn't really need much editing compared to chapter 2, since it only had some grammatical updates and such, but, here it is any way if you want to check it out: Conker's Royal Pain 1

I still have another project I need to work on, so Chapter 3's update will come later, and I will post it here, on this journal.

Until Next Time. :)

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Chapter Two: The Tediz Strike Back!

One year after The Bad Fur Day...

A complex in a disclosed location; unknown to the general public.

The feel is cold and eerie, with a dash of an unnatural vibe. The sound of steel silence is all that could be heard throughout the complex. The cold soundlessness is broken by footsteps. A nameless individual casually walks through a steel corridor; the clacking of his dress shoes echoes throughout the halls. The individual stopped at a dead end, with a steel-reinforced door with large triple industrial strength piston locks before him. This nameless person eyes a panel to the right of the steel door through his dark tinted shades. With a twirl of his cane from under his arm, the person uses the end to type in his pass code on the input pad. Right after, a retina scanner reveals itself, asking for something to scan. The person steps to the scanner and reveals his red and yellow colored primal, animal-like eyes and stares into the scanner. A green light then reads the eyes horizontally and vertically, giving exactly 3 seconds to confirm.

"Welcome, Professor." states a feminine mechanical voice. Soon after, the locks release, and the steel door open with a loud hiss. The Professor says nothing and scans the room.

The room is filled many forms of machinery and different kinds of computers of many functions. On their screens would blink multiple types of data, diagrams, and figures. In the center of the room was a very large machine; and in its heart is a pod, filled with a green liquid. In said liquid, is a faint silhouette that could not be identified on who (or what) is was. Above the pod was a rectangular screen, with a pulse and heart rate display on it. More surprising enough, the ones filling the room and operating the machines were Tediz!

The Professor swings his cane back under his arm and steps into the room. He walks past two Tediz Grunts guarding the room and approaches the pod casually, past the Tediz monitoring and operating the machinery. He looks through the glass of the pod, eyeing the silhouette in the green liquid that fills it.

"How goes the restoration process?" the Professor would call out in a calm, professional, and sophisticated tone.
"Hall vitals are goot, Prufessor." replies one of the Tedi Scientist, in its horsed voice; speaking in a heavy German-like accent. The scientist turns away from his computer screen displays to face the professor. "De Subjeck remains schtable."
"Good..." replies the mysterious professor.  "Begin the Revival Process."

The Tediz in the room all turn to the professor in astonishment; almost giving out a gasp in unison.

"NOW!?" cries out the Tedi scientist in shock to the sudden order. "B-but prufessor! De subjeck iz schtable, but hain't ready for a sudden revival!

The Professor didn't reply back. After a brief silence, he reaches into his coat and pulls out a large, specially modified Magnum Revolver. Without even breaking eye contact with the pod, he points the weapon directly at the Tediz scientist's head, and pulls the trigger.

BOOM! The revolver fires.

As it does, the sound it makes resembles more of a small explosion, than a gunshot. Before long, the Tediz Scientist's brains were blown out of its head; as a matter of fact, the whole upper half was blown away. As the body is pushed into the console by the sheer power of the professor's weapon, thick, deep red blood(?), brain matter, and even an eyeball splattered all over the station and the nearby Tediz in the vicinity, who were now cowering to the show of force. They look at the corpse of their colleague, then shift their view to the professor.

"You bears were not made to talk back, or tell me what I already know..." states the professor firmly and coldly to the entire room. He raises the gun up and looks to the Tediz near the freshly made corpse. "You all were made to follow orders to the point, and to the point you go offline."

The Tediz begin to cower to his words. Soon, the professor's shades slowly slide down his muzzle, revealing his feral eyes. He stares to the Tediz near the main control in a fashion that freezes it in fear.

"Begin the revival process. Now."

Nodding their heads in acknowledgement, one of the Tediz quickly steps over its former colleague’s body and begins to continue the revival sequence, as the two Tediz Grunts rush in to drag the body away. The rest of the Tediz begin to scramble in their stations to accomplish the task given to them by the professor, who tucks away his weapon back under his coat.

The sound of bleeps, whirls, and buttons being pressed fill the room. Soon enough, preparations for the "revival process" were complete.

"De SCHtart-Up iz ready." declares another Tedi scientist. "De Revival Process iz to begin on you kommund."
"Do it." orders the Professor, in a calm straight forward tone.

The Tedi soon, pulls a leaver and begins the said revival process the mysterious cold blooded professor had been requesting. Alarms begin to wail, steam begins to hiss, and the liquid in the pod in the center of the machine begins to bubble, causing the silhouette to disappear. The screen above the pod soon began to show in rapid increase in heart rate and pulse. The professor stares at the machine calmly and meticulously; almost motionless, as the machine continued renewing its captive. The Tediz science staff scrabble about once more, preparing for the end of the revival sequence, while others wait patiently for the Professor's signal. Soon the sound of a continuous beep fills the air and the screen displays a flat line. The professor looks to one side of the room to a Tedi on standby, and gives it a nod. Understanding this signal, the Tedi Scientist soon begins to flip some switches on the console at its station and slowly pull a leaver downward.

Now the machine was on its last stage of the revival, and sends a large jolt into the pod. Soon after, the whirls of the machine and all stations in the room begin to slow down to a standby and the beeps of a now normal steady pulse and heart rate echo throughout the room. The Tediz present stand in awe for a few seconds to the sound. By this time, the Professor had already locked his sight on the pod again.

"Open it." commands the Professor.

Hearing the order, a Tedi then begins to fiddle with a console, pressing buttons, flipping switches, and turning knobs, and ending with firmly pulling down a leaver with a growl.

The Machine soon begins to work once more, but this time, the liquid inside the tube begins to drain. What the Professor sees inside the pod now is the likeness of the upper half of a naked sleeping weasel with a mechanical eye; now damaged, and a missing left arm with only a robotic socket present. The pod begins to open, revealing that the weasel had no legs, and only stitched stumps. The weasel's body was suspended by tubes attached to his back, behind his head and one in his mouth. The tubes’ locks then release and the weasel flops down onto the floor like a soggy pile of fur. The impact seemed to have awakened him. His natural eyes shoots open and he begins to flop about like a frantic fish out of water, gasping to be put back.

"WHERE AM I!?! WHAT HAPPENED!?" the weasel would scream in his nasally Germen accent, looking around franticly. "HEINRICH!?!? WHERE ARE YOU!?!"
"Your creation is dead..." replies the professor to the weasel. The weasel suddenly and frantically turns his attention to him.
"What!? Dead!? NEIGN!!! HOW!?!" the weasel screams. He then notices that his left arm was completely missing, except for the steel socket that attached it to his body. "WHAT DA @#$% HAPPENED TO MY ARM!?!?! WHY THE @#%$ING @#$% CAN I ONLY SEE THROUGH ONE EYE!?!?!?"
"Please, do calm yourself." says the professor to the foul-mouthed weasel. He then turns to some Tediz Scientist standing about. "You. Dry the poor weasel up and get him something to wear."
"Yah, Prufessor." confirms one the Tediz, as they go and grab an extra lab coat, and a towel. The two then approach the still mentally unstable weasel and attempt to dry and clothe him. Try as the might, the weasel began to squirm and flail his only arm around.
"Who are you!?! What the @#$% are you doing!?! Stay the @#$% away from me!?! Quit it, I say!! -- STOP!!! TOUCHING!!! MEEEEEEEEE!!!" screams the weasel to the Tediz trying to help him; causing them back off. He then gives them the nastiest glare he could muster with one eye. "I. Will. KEEL YOU!!!"

The weasel then turns back to the professor, pointing his finger to him.

"And who d’@#$% are YOU!?!" he demands.
"Why, Professor... Forgotten me, already?" state the professor calmly, calling the crazed weasel on the ground "professor". The weasel gives a pause, calms down, and focuses his only good eye to the individual. After a few seconds, he finally remembers something.
"No... Wait..." the weasel states. "Y-yes... I... remember you, now..."
"Yes, Professor. I am your business associate." the mysterious person says. He then does a gesture with his hand, as if presenting the room to the weasel. "Also, look around you."

The weasel follows the professor's hand, and looks around the room to see it filled with Tediz.

"My... my Tediz... They live?" says the weasel, almost speechless. Soon after, the two Tediz that were trying to clean him up finally get a chance to. Soon, the weasel was dried and a coat was put on him.
"Yes Professor. It was part of our agreement: 'If anything were to happen to you, I was to take over'." replies the professor. "I take it that your... little coup, failed."

The weasel does not reply. Instead, he looks to the metal socket, where his mechanical arm used to be, and gives it a patting.

"In any case, professor, while you were away, I made some improvements to your Tediz forces."
"How...? How so?" inquires the weasel as he turns his attention back to his 'business associate', while being assisted up by the Tediz onto a wheelchair.
"Things may not seem different now, but on field, you will see everything. But for now... Welcome back, Professor. Or should I say: Battle Master Von Kriplespac..."

All the Tediz in the room stood in attention, then saluted by raising up their left fists.

"HALL! HEIL!! VON KRIPLESPAC!!!" cries out one Tedi. "VALTUNDA!!!”

The rest of the room followed, chanting the word 'valatunda' repeatedly, while raising their arms harmoniously with their chanting.

"Come now, Battle Master," says the Professor. "I still have more surprises for you, along with some people I'd like to introduce you to."
"Very well..." replies Von Kriplespac, finally in a calm, yet diabolical, voice.  "Lead on, Professor..."

One week later...


It has been one year since the Tediz invaded. Now with the war won, the Squirrel High Command has set up multiple bases of operations around Paris, in an effort to help the war torn land back to normal and to prepare for any future attacks.

Eastern Border; Early morning, 4:00 am

It is high dawn at the base east of Paris. The sun is barely up. Most of the base is still sound asleep, and their wake up call is still some time away. The only soldiers awake (or still awake) at this time, were those assigned to patrolling the facility until the first wake up call.

In the eastern part of a base, in a tall watch tower, two squirrels try their best to remain vigilant in their sentry duty, but some hours without sleep and another uneventful night would get on anyone's nerves.

"Well ain't this another shit watch..." says the first sentry squirrel.  "Man, when are they gonna let us go?"
"I hear ya'." replies the second sentry squirrel. "The war's been over for like a year... We should've been able to leave like... a week after or something when the war was declared over..."
"I know! This stupid restoration & safeguarding bullshit ruined my plans man!"
"Oh, here we go..."
"I was ready to head to Vegas, hit the tables, get some sweet tail, and drown myself in booze! But NOOO! I need to come back and help fix a country!"
"Well, someone has to clean up the mess those Tediz left behind, seein' the Frenchies can't do it themselves. And mess cleanin' take time."
"Well, it's good to know our precious time is being put to good use... And about those Tediz; @#$% 'em! I don't care what they are, or where they come from, as long as they're gone, that's good enough for me!"
"Look on the brightiside, just a little bit longer, our shifts will be over. At least then, we could get some shut-eye."
"Still. We've been here for HOW MANY months, and NOTHING has happened! Day in and day out, it's the same, God. @#$%ing. Thing!"

THOOM!!! A loud thundering booming sound is heard from the distance.

"What the @#$% was that?" asks one of the sentries.
"That... sounded like a..."

As the two sentries ponder on what the sound was, a faint whistling is heard, that becomes louder, and louder, until...

KAH-BOOM!!! The watchtower explodes! And anyone in area were blown away.

The explosion was enough to wake the entire base. Those nearest respond first, converging onto the burning, crumbling wreckage that was once a watchtower. The area surrounded by debris and some wounded squirrels. The soldier scrambled to make sure the fire did not spread to the rest of the base and to give the wounded immediate medical attention, but it did not take long for an officer to arrive on scene.

"Alright! Somebody's got exactly five seconds to tell me WHAT IN CANDY KONG'S PURTY. PINK. @#$%HOLE! JUST HAPPENED ON MY BASE!?!"
"We don't know sir!" replies a nearby soldier.
"Don't tell that Thermophiles were @#$%in' around with matches and @#$%ing exploding barrels again!"
"No sir! Looking at the destruction we have here, it doesn't look like an exploding barrel went off."
"Then what DID go off, maggot!?"
"*Gulp* Y'see... if I had to guess..."
"We don't have all day, soldier!"
"Um... A... Well placed... Artillery Round?"


More thundering booms sound in the distance, and with it rained more fiery death that caused chaos and destruction throughout area. The squirrels scramble in fear and panic; while some get caught in some of the blasts.

"Sir! It's an artillery strike!" yells a military squirrel, to the officer. "We're under attack!!!"
"No shit!" the officer shouts back. "Raise the alarm!"
"Yes sir!"

The squirrel quickly gets up and runs to a nearby metal box attached to a building, running past panicking and wounded squirrels. Reaching it, the squirrel opens the box to reveal a big red button. The squirrel pounds on the button, and a loud alarm wails throughout the rest of the complex.

The confused soldiers, awoken by the explosion, quickly rush from their bunks and suit up into whatever they could; even if it was just their pants, boots, even their underwear, and run off to grab whatever weapon they could for the counterattack. Charging on foot, or hitching a ride on a vehicle, the soldiers quickly head to the heavily damaged area of the base, as more artillery shells fall from the skies.

Soon they reach the east edge of the base, where they begin setting up defenses with whatever that had. From the horizon, infantry and armored vehicles, such as tanks and armored cars with mounted machineguns, begin to converge on the base. A soldier takes out a pair of binoculars to get a peek at the attackers. His jaw drops to what he sees.

"Hey!" calls out another soldier next to him. "What you see? Who's attacking us!?"

The first soldier does not respond immediately. He lowers this binoculars, and slowly turns his head to his comrade; his face gone pale.

"Tediz..." he mutters.

Then a tank from the converging force then fires onto the base. Ducking their heads down, the tank shell hits behind the line, and causes another explosion. With that show of force, it was now time for the SHC to fight back!


Every squirrel on that line unloaded everything they had into the incoming Tediz forces, who were now charging toward the base and exchanging fire with the squirrels. Gunfire and explosions of all kind light of the night sky, as cries of war and death sound flooded the air.

Though taking some casualties in the attack, the SHC managed to cut down most of the Tediz heading for the base before they got too close and even managed to disable some of their armor. Even so, those bears were resilient and continued forward.

Getting hit with countless bullets, they kept moving forward. If they survived an explosion, they got back up and kept moving forward. They just were not stopping. The only thing that managed to stop instantly them was a direct shot in the skull, but that was an easy feat to pull off, especially in this kind of situation.

"Sunava-BITCH!!!" curses a SHC soldier as he unloads his entire magazine into a single Tedi. "They're just not stopping!"

As the fighting continued, a SHC soldier spots something in the distance. A hulking figure arises in the distance, looking over the advancing force. It then lets out a load roar as a large battalion of Takuses, large, twin cannoned, heavily armored attack vehicles, roll past him; causing the ground to rumble. Alongside these behemoths, are more infantry and light armor units; twice the number of the initial attack force. As they converge, the Tediz forces open fire.

Confused and fatigued from the first skirmish, the sheer power before them was too much for the SHC to handle. As the body count for the SHC begin to pile up, it was finally decided.

"This is getting too hot out here!" yells another SHC Officer as he takes cover. He then begins to make hand gestures toward the base. "RETREAT!!!"

Hearing the order, the squirrels start retreating into the base. As they do, they are picked off. Far behind the enemy, perched on an armored car, is a Tedi with a unique Widowmaker, a precision sniper rifle. He gives a diabolical smirk as he peers through its scope again and proceeds to shoot down more squirrels. After a few shots, the sniper Tedi looks to his hulking comrade and gives him a gesture, as if saying "go on ahead". Before long, the hulk of a Tedi begins charging toward the base on all fours, like a crazed gorilla; moving past (or through) his allies with ease.

Back on the retreating side, SHC personnel do whatever they could to make as much distance between them, and the incoming Tediz attack force, all while trying not to get shot or blown up in the process. An SHC Officer stops and grabs a retreating soldiers and pulls his in, face-to-face.

"Listen!" he would demand. "I need you to get to the com room and inform HQ of our situation."
"We calling for back up?" asks the soldier.
"I don't think we'll all be around long enough for it to even be useful..." states the officer, in a calm tone.  "This base is lost. At least if we tell command --"

Before the officer could add anything else, screams of terror and load roars interrupt him. He and the soldier look toward the direction the noise came from, only to see a charging Tedi mowing through everything in its path and heading straight for them.

That was the last thing they saw.

Some Time later...

By the time the sun had risen, the base had been completely overrun, and the Tediz were not taking prisoner. As we know of, there were no survivors and no signs that anyone managed to escape, and with this level of attack, it would have been a miracle if there were any.

This attack was not the only one...

There have been attacks of equal ferocity all over. One prime example include the main naval base on the western coast, which was attacked by a monstrous super battleship, leaving the base, the SHC battleships, and most, if not all, personnel, completely destroyed. Another was a base in the south, which was decimated by an air raid, leaving nothing left, but ruins and a high casualty count.

Within the day, every stronghold and outpost the Squirrel High Command had set up, was wiped off the map. By day's end, Paris met the same fate.

On this day, the Tediz were victorious.

But the war has just begun...

- To be continued
Conker's Royal Pain 2
:iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz:

This took me a while, but I finally managed to finish it.

Chapter two of Conker's Royal Pain, but Conker himself isn't in this chapter for it focuses more on the SHC and Tediz.

Speaking of Tediz, if your wondering of the dialogue of the Tediz in this chapter, my friend introduced me to a comic called Girl Genius, and creature called Jaggers. The Jaggers in the comic spoke like that, so I decide to use it.

This is the Translator I used: [link]

A good reason why I used Jagmonster Speak, is to add to the "Changes" the Professor had mentioned, and I couldn't figure out how to write real Tediz speak. I also decided to censored the cursing to stay true to the Conker's BFD style dialogue.

An interesting piece of of trivia is that I tried to use Simlish, the language of the Sims, but I wasn't successful...


It took me SO long to finally get this update up. For the most part, the first half was simply edited, but the second half was the one that needed to the most revision. But there are a few things I do want to point out:

First, while looking for inspiration, I managed to catch Captain America: The First Avenger. With that, it's pretty obvious what inspiration I took. Now, what I used is near the end of the first half of the chapter, you can imagine the Tediz doing this or this, but with one arm only, as described in the chapter.

Second, the entire second half of the chapter was remade entirely, but the same idea is still there. I really struggled with this part. I tried to get inspiration from a lot of media, including Transformers (2007 Live Action), Pearl Harbor, Full Metal Jacket, and clips from a load of other war movies, until I went with simplifying it, and getting this final product. During the development of this chapter, my friend really helped me out by through a few ideas here n' there, and straightening out a few things; shout out to Tsuna Xionis, thank you so much man! Now, one of the biggest changes I made was the removal of a Tediz Character from the original write-up of this chapter (The Sneeker), and putting more emphasis on two other characters that appeared in this chapter (particularly the Demolisher and the Long Ranger), but Tediz Sneeker will be reintroduced in the next chapter. Also, I added a quick nod to another Rare character in the chapter, and it was funny since I had a few names in mind, until I settled on the one that made it into the chapter. It was either that or Minnie Mouse xD. (But if hit a nerve, I'm sorry in advance x'D)

Now I'm going to take a break and work on another project of mine, before I rewrite the next chapter.

Bur for now, enjoy. :D


First: [link]

Previous [link] => Next [link]


This fiction is work of entertainment, not used for financial gain, what so ever.

All Characters and Concepts currently used in this fiction (c) Rare, Ltd.
The (Currently) Nameless Professor (c) Me


This fiction is under Warning Mature Content Level, due to containing language, blood & gore, cartoon violence, etc. I'm not sure if Ideologically Sensitive with that one reference, but I don't this it's that bad since I based it off something from a Marvel Movie.
Okay, while I was trying to get some inspiration for my edit/rewrite of my Conker fanfiction, I managed to catch some Sonic related videos that caught my eye, and I want to share them, and my thoughts I have on them ^_^

Let's start with the first video I saw:

Seeing this video, I really though that it was cool that SEGA was really heading back to basics. The video looks great, the animations looks sol fluid, and if I ever get myself a PS4, this is something I'm definitely getting. ^_^

Now for the next video:

Now this video got me hyped to see what what SEGA has in store with this project, especially since the project is coming from the same people that developed Colors and Generation and hinting the gameplay they might be going with, plus the return of Classic Sonic!

But the thing that got me the most were these words: "Join the Resistance". I might be over thinking things, but let's give the idea some freedom to grow, shall we? ;) Who knows, we might get surprised ^_^

Any who, time for the last video:

LEGO Dimensions really got me when they teased Sonic, and now this Debut trailer's really making me want to get Sonic's playset! And I don't even HAVE LEGO Dimensions, OR a PS4 :D

The moves Sonic has in game amazes me the most, especially since most of his attacks came from Smash Bros. And looking at him, this LEGO Sonic gives off more Classic Sonic, than Modern, which I'm totally okay with. Plus this gave me some new ideas I could use. ;)

Overall, these vids got me hyped, and I can't wait to see where they go. ^_^
  • Watching: Sonic related videos


United States
Through most of my life, people questioned me about being a furry, and my interest and participation in said subculture, but I have always had a tough time explaining.

Then here I find this video while poking around Youtube:

Not only is it interesting, it was also very informative, and really answered those questions I couldn't when people asked.

I say it's a good watch, and did answer a few things that I wanted to know myself. ^_^

Then again, there are probably hundreds of different explanations out there, but for me, this one's pretty straight forward without being too technical.

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